Change may at times be challenging... at times devastating...

Psychotherapy may assist in adjusting to unexpected life challenges. Psychotherapy may not be easily described, and people are likely to have different expectations of the process. There are various types of therapy to facilitate individual and relational wellbeing.  
The psychotherapeutic process is unique to each individual and relationship. As such, a timeline cannot be allocated to it from the onset. The process also requires the commitment of those involved. Given the nature of psychotherapy, sessions may at times awaken deep emotional responses, such as sadness, anger and frustration. In the long term, therapy however has the potential to bring about improved wellbeing, functioning and personal growth. It is however not possible to provide a guarantee of how the process may be experienced. 

Lynne Goldschmidt



I am a psychodynamically-orientated counselling psychologist. I apply an integrative approach in response to my client's specific needs. I am passionate about assisting individuals and families in attaining individual and relational well-being. 


I am passionate about the role of attachment, the assurance of safety and security within relationships and how it translates into how individuals feel about themselves and their relationships with others. I believe that relational well-being, and the assurance of trust and security within relationships contributes to individual well-being.

Taking the aforementioned into consideration, I have a particular interest in adult psychotherapy, couples counselling and parent-infant psychotherapy.

  • University of the Witwatersrand, MA in Counselling Psychology - with distinction

  • University of Leeds, MA in Social and Public Policy - with merit

  • HPCSA PS 0137936 

  • PR 0724246

  • Certified Circle of Security Parenting Practitioner

    • Circle of Security International

  • Certified Newborn Behavioural Observations Practitioner

    • The Brazelton Institute and NBO Australia at The Women’s​

  • Trained Persona Doll Practitioner

    • The Ububele Education and Psychotherapy Trust​

  • Trained in BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® - (BWRT) Level 1.

    • BWRT is a form of brief term therapy that can assist with trauma and phobias.

    • BWRT SA​

  • Working-With-Groups (Level 1)

    • Ububele in association with the Institute of Group Analysis, London

  • I have a special interest in the intergenerational implications of trauma and am currently pursuing my Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology.



Please find my details below, should you wish to enquire about my services:

Lynne Goldschmidt


082 307 5174



Heldervue, Somerset West

Braamfontein, Johannesburg

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