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(In-person and Online sessions available)

Adult Psychotherapy

Adult Psychotherapy provides a space to explore emotions, experiences and relationship dynamics. The aim is to facilitate the individual in attaining insight and self-awareness. The attainment of insight and self-awareness is hoped to assist the individual in managing their lives and relationships in a manner that brings about increased fulfillment.

Parenting work

Parenting may sometimes be exceptionally challenging, giving rise to various stressors that can impact other areas of a parent's life. Parenting work aims to focus on specific challenges related to parenting, as identified by the parent or parents. Given the goal-directed approach of parenting work, the process includes practical homework assignments aligned with the goals.

Under 5's / Parent-Child Therapy

Young children are not immune to the difficulties presented in life. This includes loss, trauma and having to adjust to changes. I work alongside caregivers and parents to help young children to find different ways of expressing and processing their emotions during difficult times of transition.

If the difficulty includes relational difficulties between the child and the caregiver(s) or parent(s). The aim of therapy is to support the parent-child relationship and restore a sense of security and safety in the relationship.

Group Sessions /
Team Dynamics

Over long periods of time, what may initially appear to be minor changes in organizational or team structures, may start impacting team dynamics or team deliverables. This form of intervention is suitable to new teams to facilitate a sound foundation as well as more established teams to allow for re-alignment.

Couples Counselling

Psychodynamically-orientated couples psychotherapy aims to provide a neutral and containing context in which both partners narratives and emotions can be explored and addressed. The intent is for both partners to be able to make meaning of their own, as well as their partner’s narratives and emotions.

** Pre-marital counselling sessions are also available. 


Parent-Infant-Psychotherapy may take various forms depending on the baby's and parents' needs.

Sometimes the baby that lived in our minds never arrives - or has to leave too soon. This form of therapy may be helpful to parents grieving the loss of a baby or grieving complex medical diagnoses.

Other times, trauma during pregnancy or birth may impact either the baby, caregiver, or parent, making bonding difficult. This form of therapy aims to facilitate improved relational well-being.

Brainworking Recursive® Therapy

This is a new form of psychotherapy, based on neuroscientific research.

I apply BWRT when working with anxiety, phobias, trauma, as well as substance dependence and other forms of dependence.

Group Sessions /
Debriefing and Support Services

The daily lived experiences of adults, adolescents and children often take place within a group context. These spaces may include the work and school environment where the capacity to relate and engage is pivotal to both group and individual wellbeing. Collective trauma, loss or change may cause a rupture in a groups’ capacity to relate with each other. Group work aims to assist the group in repairing relational ruptures.

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